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My column appears every other Monday in the business section of the Minneapolis Star Tribune. If you missed it on hard copy, you can read it here.

Writing topics & exericses
olumns, advice, and exercises on topics ranging from
annoying phrases to punctuation, salutations, wordiness, and writer’s block


English language skills
Take the grammar, proofreading, punctuation, and word choice challenges.

Plain English

Improve your vocabulary

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Active/passive voice: Columns
Angry letters
Annoying phrases: "went missing" and others
Answers to readers' queries
Apology and customer relations letters
Application letters
Better writing:
     Email courses

Online guides
Bibliography: Resources and recommended reading
Boundary Waters Canoe Area
Bureaucratic writing
Business writing: Article published in The College Board Review

Capitalization rules
Checklist, editing
Checklist, writing
Classical schemes: From Cicero to Prince
Clichés & figurative language
Collaborative writing
Coherence, sentence to sentence
College application essays
Commas (nonrestrictive) & skydiving
Commas with that and which
Complaint letters
Compound words:
Spelling with or without hyphens
Computers & language
Concise writing

Conflict resolution
Confusing word pairs

Copy & imitate to learn stylistic technique
Correspondence: Use to build relationships
Counterfactual thinking:
     Jane McGonigal

Criticism: How to offer
Customer relations and apology letters
Dangling Modifiers
Dashes vs. hyphens
Dictionaries: Paper & online

Defensive vs. supportive communication:
     Jack Gibb

Editing checklist
Editing & revising: Techniques
Editing relationships: How to be a good critic
Editors, letters to
Elements of effective writing, five
Elements of effective communication checklist
Email courses: Better Writing & Technique
Email: Do’s and don’ts
Error Checklist: 75 common errors
Essay test questions: Writing under time limit
ESL (English as a Second Language)
Evidence, rules of

Figurative language & clichés
First person, writing in
Five elements of effective writing
Gibb, Jack:
     Defensive vs. supportive communication behaviors

Gifts for June graduates
"Good Writing for Good Results":
     Published in The College Board Review

"Got": misuse and overuse
Grammatical Affair: A Romance with Language (a novel)
Grant proposal writing: Links, resources, & columns
Guides to better writing
Habits of writing, seven (in honor of Stephen Covey)
Handwriting & texting
Hyphens and compound words
Hyphen rules, when to use
Hyphens vs. dashes

Imitate to learn stylistic technique
Index to syndicated columns

Jack Gibb:
     Defensive vs. supportive communication behaviors

Jane McGonigal:

     Counterfactual thinking
Journaling, with style

June graduates: Gifts
"Lake Wobegon: Mythical Place and the American Imagination"
Legal writing, columns
Letters of application

Letters of resignation
Letters to the editor
Managerial communication
McGonigal, Jane:
       Counterfactual thinking

Messages, three-step
Minutes, how to write effective
Mission statements

Nature writing: Boundary Waters Chronology
News releases
Newsletter checklist
Nonrestrictive commas
Nonrestrictive commas & skydiving
Numbers usage: Columns
Numbers usage: Nine rules
Oral presentation skills (PowerPoint)
Parallel structure
Passive voice, uses
Performance reviews
Persuasive writing
Persuasive writing:
     Using logos, pathos, & ethos

Plan, writing
Policies & procedures
PowerPoint Presentation: Workshop Review
PowerPoint: Making your point more powerfully
Prepositions: Use and over-use
Press releases

Prince & classical schemes
Procedures & Policies
Progress reports
Proofreading electronically produced text
Punctuation: FAQ
Quotation marks
Readers' queries: Answers

Reading, the importance of
Recommended reading & references
Resignation letters
Resources for graduating high school seniors

Revising & editing: Techniques
Rogerian argument, persuasion

Rules of evidence
RULES, Rules, and rules
Sales letters and proposals
Salutations: FAQ
Say no, how to
"Scholars (sic) Walk" at the University of Minnesota
Self-appraisals & job applications
Sexist language: How to avoid

Skydiving & nonrestrictive commas
Speaking and writing skills, how they compare
Speeches (PowerPoint)
Spelling compound words, with or without hyphens

Storytelling to convey information
Style: Five elements
Style: In journaling
Style: Monthly tips by email

Style & personality: A checklist
Style Sheet: CRI’s “No-Excuse 10”
Stylistic technique through imitation
Subject-verb agreement
Teachers: A tribute
Technical writing & technical writers
Technology's influence on reading, writing, and thinking
Texting, handwriting, & language
Thank-you letters
Threatening communication,
    vs. trust-inspiring

Usage: Confusing word pairs
Verbs: Agreement with subjects
Vocabulary: Columns
Vocabulary: Lynell's workplace word list
"Went missing" and other annoying phrases
White papers
Who or whom?

Word choice: Confusing word pairs
"Word Crimes": 29 errors from "Weird Al" Yankovic's music video
Wordiness: Patterns to eliminate
Workshop Review (PowerPoint)
Writer’s block
Writing checklist
Writing guides
Writing internationally

Writing plan


Topics & Techniques

Abusage: Word-choice errors (PowerPoint)
Assessment, writing: 15-point quiz (PowerPoint)
Coherence, sentence to sentence
Commas, nonrestrictive (PowerPoint)
Concise writing: Techniques to eliminate wordiness
Dangling Modifiers (PowerPoint)
Exercises linked to columns
Error checklist challenges
Errors, common: Editing sentences (PowerPoint)
Errors, common: Editing paragraphs (PowerPoint)
Grammar: Take the challenge
Hyphens in Unit Modifiers (PowerPoint)
Internet: As a teaching tool
M.B.A. Exam
M.O.T. Exam
Nonrestrictive commas (PowerPoint)
Numbers usage (PowerPoint)
Parallel structure
Passive/active voice, exercises
Plain English: The SEC’s A Plain English Handbook
Proofreading: Take the challenge
Proofreading quiz
Punctuation errors: The no-excuse 12 (plus The big 3)
Punctuation: Take the challenge
Vocabulary: Columns, exercises, and word list
Vogue words (PowerPoint)
Word choice: Take the challenge
Wordiness, eliminating

Workshop PowerPoint exercises
Writing assessment: Column
Writing assessment: 15-point quiz (PowerPoint)


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