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Tips & Techniques                        Top                 Exercises 
Active/passive voice: Columns
Alzheimer's & Mom: "Dancing in Avalon," a story
American Sign Language (ASL)
Angry letters
Annoying phrases: "went missing" and others
Answers to readers' queries
Apology and customer relations letters
Application letters
Bibliography: Resources and recommended reading
Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness: 
     Nature writing

Bureaucratic writing
Business writing: Article published in The College Board Review

Capitalization rules
Checklist, editing
Checklist, writing
China Connection:
English for Chinese business writers, tour guides, and
Clichés & figurative language
Collaborative writing
Coherence, sentence to sentence

College application essays
Commas (nonrestrictive) & skydiving
Commas with that and which
Complaint letters
Compound words:
     Spelling with or without hyphens

Computers & language
Concise writing

Confusing word pairs
Copy & imitate to learn stylistic technique
Correspondence: Use to build relationships
Criticism: How to offer
Customer relations and apology letters
Dangling Modifiers
Dashes vs. hyphens
Dictionaries: Paper & online

Editing checklist
Editing & revising: Techniques
Editing relationships: How to be a good critic
Editors, letters to
Elegance & beauty in writing: The Elegance
     of the Hedgehog

Elements of effective writing, five
Elements of effective communication checklist
Email: Do’s and don’ts
Error Checklist: 75 common errors
Essay test questions: Writing under time limit
ESL (English as a Second Language)
Evidence, rules of

Figurative language & clichés
First person
Five elements of effective writing

Gifts for June graduates
Golden Pen Awards
"Got": misuse and overuse
"Good Writing for Good Results":
       Article published in The College Board Review

Grammatical Affair: A Romance with Language (a novel)
Grant proposal writing: Links, resources, & columns

Habits of writing, seven (in honor of Stephen Covey, 1932-2012)
Handwriting & texting
Hyphens and compound words
Hyphen rules, when to use
Hyphens vs. dashes
Imitate to learn stylistic technique
Index to syndicated columns

Job applications
Journaling, with style
June graduates: Gifts

"Lake Wobegon: Mythical Place and the American Imagination"
Latin & Greek plural endings: Indexes or indices?
Legal writing, columns
Letters of application

Letters of resignation
Letters to the editor
Libraries, importance of
Loft Literary Center (Minneapolis):
       Programs, resources, and services for writers

Managerial communication
Messages, three-step
Minnesota Authors Campaign,
support of the Minneapolis Public Library
Minutes, how to write effective
Mission statements

Nature's Gallery: Photos from poet John Caddy
Nature writing: Boundary Waters Chronology
News releases
Newsletter checklist
Nonrestrictive commas
Nonrestrictive commas & skydiving
Numbers usage: Nine rules
Oral presentation skills (PowerPoint)
Parallel structure
Passive voice, uses
Performance reviews
Persuasive writing
Persuasive writing: Using logos, pathos, & ethos
Plan, writing
Poetry: Weekly poems from Ted Kooser
Policies & procedures

PowerPoint Presentation: Workshop Review
PowerPoint: Making your point more powerfully
Prepositions: Use and over-use
Press releases

Procedures & Policies
Progress reports
Proofreading electronically produced text
Publication, Writing for (articles by Scott Edelstein)
Punctuation: FAQ
Quotation marks
Readers' queries: Answers

Reading, the importance of
Recommended reading & references
Resignation letters
Resources for graduating high school seniors

Revising & editing: Techniques
Rogerian argument, persuasion

Rules of evidence
RULES, Rules, and rules
Sales letters and proposals
Salutations: FAQ
Say no, how to
"Scholars (sic) Walk" at the University of Minnesota
Self-appraisals & job applications
Sexist language: How to avoid

Skydiving & nonrestrictive commas
Speaking and writing skills, how they compare
Speeches (PowerPoint)
Spelling compound words, with or without hyphens

Storytelling to convey information
Style: Five elements
Style: In journaling
Style: Monthly tips by email

Style & personality: A checklist
Style Sheet: CRI’s “No-Excuse 10”
Stylistic technique through imitation
Subject-verb agreement
Teachers: A tribute
Technical writing & technical writers
Technology's influence on reading, writing, and thinking
Texting, handwriting, & language
Thank-you letters
Usage: Confusing word pairs
Verbs: Agreement with subjects
Vocabulary: Columns
Vocabulary: Lynell's workplace word list
"Went missing" and other annoying phrases
White papers
Who or whom?

Word choice: Confusing word pairs
"Word Crimes": 29 errors from "Weird Al" Yankovic's music video
Wordiness: Patterns to eliminate
Workshop Review (PowerPoint)
Writer’s block
Writing checklist
Writing internationally

Writing plan

Exercises                     Top                     Tips & Techniques    
Abusage: Word-choice errors (PowerPoint)
Assessment, writing: 15-point quiz (PowerPoint)
Coherence, sentence to sentence
Commas, nonrestrictive (PowerPoint)
Concise writing: Techniques to eliminate wordiness
Dangling Modifiers (PowerPoint)
Exercises linked to columns
Errors, common: Editing sentences (PowerPoint)
Errors, common: Editing paragraphs (PowerPoint)
Grammar: Take the challenge
Hyphens in Unit Modifiers (PowerPoint)
Internet: As a teaching tool
M.B.A. Exam
M.O.T. Exam
Nonrestrictive commas (PowerPoint)
Numbers usage
Numbers usage (PowerPoint)
Parallel structure
Passive/active voice, exercises
Plain English: The SEC’s A Plain English Handbook
Proofreading: Take the challenge
Proofreading quiz
Punctuation errors: The no-excuse 12 (plus The big 3)
Punctuation: Take the challenge
Vocabulary: Columns, exercises, and word list
Vogue words (PowerPoint)
Word choice: Take the challenge
Wordiness, eliminating

Workshop PowerPoint exercises
Writing assessment: Column
Writing assessment: 15-point quiz (PowerPoint)