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Books by Stephen Wilbers

Mastering the Craft of Writing, 52 writing tips, with exercises and fun commentary



Writing for Business, collected columns and a winner of a Minnesota Book Award


Writing by Wilbers, a PDF edition of my second collection of columns


This Northern Nonsense, poems on Ober's legacy, Mallard Island, and wilderness preservation


A Boundary Waters History: Canoeing Across Time, a brief history interwoven with the story of canoeing with my dad


Canoeing the Boundary Waters Wilderness: A Sawbill Log, more wilderness canoeing stories (Wilderness Inquiry review)


A history depicting why this famous writing program began in Iowa City and who the people were behind it




About the author

Accepted for publication by John Wiley & Sons:

Managerial Communication for Technological Leaders:
Persuasive Writing and Speaking

A readable and entertaining textbook based on 10 years' experience teaching values-based managerial communication and persuasive strategies in the University of Minnesota's Carlson School of Management and more than 20 years' experience teaching those same skills and strategies in the U of M's Technological Leadership Institute

In progress:

The Columnist Who Wouldn't Go Away:
Selections from 1,000 Columns

Who Knows Why the Redbird Sleeps in the Snow:
A Grammatical Affair!?

A wildly romantic love story about language, passion, choices, and memory that is part novel, memoir, and poetry




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