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Comments from Workshop Participants


“Useful tips – relevant – easy to apply. The bibliography was great. The writing exercises and discussions were very helpful.”

“The most helpful thing about the workshop for me was the presenter’s style – open, approachable, positive, and supportive. My nervousness and apprehension were immediately defused.”

“The most relevant workshop I’ve ever attended. It gave both theory and nuts and bolts.”

“I especially appreciated all the practical tips, which I will be able to put to immediate use.”

“We are applying these new techniques (organizing, highlighting, writing clearly and concisely) to a reference manual which was in dire need of help. It is wonderful to be able to see such immediate results.”

“My lit. major boss, V.P. of sales, now compliments my writing. A very important accomplishment. It’s given me more confidence.”

“The class was absolutely wonderful for me, & I came back raving about it to my colleagues! Thank you!

“I am very intimidated by writing – this workshop helped me realize that I am not alone.”

“Dr. Wilbers took a boring topic and made it interesting. Great speaker.”

“Excellent. Rekindles the spirit – wonderful teacher.”

“Great class. I never thought a writing workshop could be so much fun.”


“Excellent speaker. Very practical suggestions that can be quickly incorporated into daily practice.”

“I guess I didn’t realize how much we as writers need refresher courses every now and again.”

“The speaker seemed very at ease and easy to talk with. This made it very comfortable to share our questions, thoughts, & ideas.”

“I’ve attended many classes and seminars in the past few years – this was by far the most useful.”

“The most practical workshop I have participated in; I can use the information immediately.”

“He treated a tough subject in a humorous way. It was incredibly interesting and informative. This was truly the best seminar I’ve attended.”

“Stephen knows his stuff so well – a great teacher!”

“His depth of knowledge on the English language is remarkable.”

“I thought it was well planned, particularly the use of ‘real’ writing samples from our staff.”

“Using our writing as examples really brings the issues into focus.”

“I liked the light-hearted approach.”

“His knowledge was excellent, but [what I most appreciated] was his great ability to share and communicate that knowledge into something relevant.”




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